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Published on: 7/6/2017
Passout provided by Peg Heeschen in June 2017
Digital savvy elderly feel less lonely
Published on: 3/10/2017
Use of electronic devices is linked to higher levels of mental and physical well-being among seniors
Starting a Faith Based Way to Age in Place
Published on: 2/26/2017
Chai VillageLA is a faith based village that, like Monte Sano Village, has discovered members appreciate the social connections that villages offer as much as the 'services'.
7 Habits of People Who Age Well
Published on: 7/16/2015
Exercise, diet—even attitude—can be as important as genetics when it comes to growing old gracefully. “Old age,” as Bette Davis once said, “is no place for sissies.”
There's No Place Like Home
Published on: 7/15/2015
A new community model lets seniors enjoy all of the security and social amenities of a retirement community without leaving their homes. The alternative is called "aging inplace." Ray Suarez reports on how this village concept may help seniors retain their independence into their golden years.
The Village Movement: Redefining Aging in Place
Published on: 7/15/2015
A new approach allows people to stay in their homes while easing the burden on their family caregivers.
What's the best way to fight memory loss?
Published on: 7/15/2015
We'd all like to about keep our brains as sharp as possible as we age. But what are the best ways to do this, asks Michael Mosley.
Aging in America: Stuck in the Middle
Published on: 7/15/2015
Senior citizens whose finances fall IN THE MIDDLE -- not rich, not poor -- can find themselves in a real bind if they need home care. And their loved ones can find themselves caught in the middle as well.
Villages Help Older People
Published on: 7/15/2015
More than a neighborhood, a village gives older people a better chance to stay in their own home longer.
"Village" groups help seniors remain in their homes as they grow older
Published on: 7/15/2015
The idea: If neighbors could help one another with basic services such as transportation and simple home maintenance and with friendly visits, people could stay in their homes longer as they aged.
Aging in place - Wikipdeia entry
Published on: 7/15/2015
The Center for Disease Control defines aging in place as "the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level."Most adults would prefer to age in place—that is, remain in their home of choice as long as possible. In fact, 90 percent of adults over the age of 65 report that they would prefer to stay in their current residence as they age.[2] One-third of American households are home to one or more residents 60 years of age or older.
Retirees turn to Virtual Villages
Published on: 7/15/2015
This NYTimes article xplores the idea of virtual retirement villages, whose members pay a yearly fee to gain access to resources and social connections that help them age in place.
Aging in Place in the Village — Social Work Roles Shine
Published on: 7/15/2015
The volunteer-first model is initiated by community residents who have identified their desire to age in place, experienced the challenges of aging, and want to establish a self-governed organization that assists in addressing these challenges.
Computer for Seniors
Published on: 7/13/2015
FirstSTREET has designed a computer for Boomers that is simple to use, with touch screen and an intuitive design.