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 Safer at Home


"Social distancing" is the antithesis of what the Village movement is all about. As we protect ourselves and others, especially those most vulnerable, and wait for the world to be safer, Monte Sano Village will continue to take Service Requests and fill them when possible and after considering risks to our members and volunteers.  We are working to find ways to keep you, our members and volunteers, connected and engaged remotely. For up to date information about COVID-19, please link HERE.  If you have an appointment with a health care provider, please call ahead to verify that you will not be in a waiting room in close proximity to others.  You will be asked to wear a mask. If you need a mask or hand sanitizer, please call MSV as we have a limited supply.

Staying Active and Engaged at Home

50 Best Things To Do When You're Stuck At Home
Ideas while practicing social distancing
Click HERE for suggested list of free online resources for you listening pleasure/entertainment

Welcome to Monte Sano Village

Monte Sano Village is a membership-based, non-profit organization supporting the efforts of mountain residents to remain in their homes for as long as possible by enhancing a vibrant, intergenerational community and by connecting neighbors with a network of services and resources.  The Village's development and services are specifically designed around our members’ needs, desires and talents, and it is exclusively staffed by volunteers. Our Village members are the decision makers, the financiers, the beneficiaries, and often the volunteers.  We help each other by designing and supporting an organization we can all be proud of.  When necessary, we help connect members to various existing programs and services.  Yet our more personal goal is to be able to count on volunteers from the community we know, love and trust to provide member support that is not available through existing local programs.

Monte Sano is a special community. Our Village is  a neighbor-to-neighbor support organization created to help us stay connected to our community as we age by coordinating and centralizing access to necessary information and services. Our Village is managed by  members with the help of trained volunteers who provide a variety of services.  

We also have a lot of fun together!  A variety of educational and engaging activities are offered each year.  These have included outings to Huntsville's beautiful Botanical Gardens, plays, concerts, hikes, parks  and museums. In addition, regularly scheduled activities have included a monthly book club, play-reading group, reading buddies, writers group, games group, movie afternoon, and a monthly Mingle with refreshments and a guest speaker.